Friday, February 24, 2012

Our Family and Decisions!

Well, to start off, it's been a LONG time since i have been able to sit down and write a blog,and this one isn't quite that easy :) as my boys keep me quite busy!

My boys are growing up so much, it is just hard to believe i have been a mommy for 4 years and now have 4 beautiful boys!

A lot of people think i have had my babies too close together, but i dont think thats true.. You see.. from the age of 19 i was told i could NEVER have a baby...(Ray and i had always hoped for at least 5 children but at that point even one would have made us happy).. so i had basically given up all hopes of ever becoming a mommy, because i had been to a fertility specialist and even they told me it was nearly impossible. So all my hopes and dreams of being a mommy had faded...Then in March of 2007 i found out i was pregnant for the 1st time ever...I was scared to death...because i had always heard that if you have PCOS you are prone to having miscarriages, and i didn't want that to happen to me! So i ended up quitting my job so i could take it easy and be very careful while my baby grew... and on October 25 2007 i became a Mommy for the 1st time to a Beautiful Baby Boy named Tyler!

After Tyler was born i agreed not to go on Birth Control because i figured..Tyler was our Miracle that i was never supposed to have that God just Blessed us with...

Well Much to our surprise in March 2009 we found out we were expecting yet another precious little miracle.. And on November 12 2009 we had Matthew...8 lbs 12 oz..Big Healthy baby boy.. which we though! But from the beginning there was something not quite right about Matthew.. he would not eat .. well we took him hom on November 14th still force feeding him... and took him to see his dr on November 17 and he wasn't drastically losing weight so the dr said we would watch him... well around 11pm on November 17th was a day we will NEVER forget!! Matthew started breathing so hard and so fast , seeming like he had just run a marathon! so we called the dr's office and the oncall dr never called back so we made our best decision to take him on to the ER and get him checked out...we took him to Lexington, and they took him straight back and the ER dr said all babies breathe differently but we would like to keep him and monitor him but we dont keep babies at lexington anymore so we are going to transport him to Richland.. so after a while an ambulance came and took us off to Richland..we get there and much to my surprise there is a whole ICU unit waiting for my baby to get a breathing tube down his throat because he only had a matter of hours left before we would lose him! at around 3pm on the 18th they came and took my baby to MUSC (Medical University of South Carolina) because he would need to undergo heart surgery for a congenital heart defect ..He had coarctation of the aorta...around 7pm they told us that he may have to have emergency surgery through the night because it was steady closing... well his surgery was at 6am November 19th...and he did FABULOUS!! he was only in the hospital 5 days after surgery and we brought him home the day before Thanksgiving! Boy were we thankful in 2009! So there again we decided NOT to take birth control because it took us 2 years to conceive our 2nd Miracle! We figured if God wanted us to have more children then he would bless us with more .. if not we had 2 beautiful little boys!

Well :) SURPRISE in March 2010 we discovered we were pregnant once again while Matthew was only 4 months old! That was fine though we had No problem with that ...we got a few odd looks because our boys are gonna be a year apart but it was ok ... on November 29th i went to a routine dr's appt/ultrasound and had to go to the hospital to be monitored , and Baby's heartrate dropped into the 60's so they rushed me to L&D and immediately started inducing...well throughout the day , his heartrate kept decelerating and the dr said one more time and we are going for a c-section.. well it did it once more but it was because he was ready to come..So on November 29th 2010 Nathan was born, and we thank God everyday for our Miracle.. This time we did decide to try birth control since we got pregnant so easy ..

Guess what ...It didn't work!! SURPRISE again... i was sick with Pnumonia like symptoms , the dr wanted to do a chest x-ray...They wheel me down to x-ray and put me outside the door while someone else was in there.. then they come back to get me.... and they tell me they cant do it because my test was positive....So we had our 4th little boy on October 29 2011! Well the dr's recommended an iud... but i just didnt want something that lasts so long..

So with that said .....Ray and I have decided to have 1 more baby and call it quits! If we have 1 more we will have our dream number of 5 children.. if it's all 5 boys we will be just as happy as if it's 4 boys and 1 girl!

So next time i announce im pregnant..I dont know if it will be soon or a few years down the road.. that is for GOD to decide.. i dont want to see all kinds of smart, negative comments.. just remember this is our dream, our family, and we take care of it!

Now back to our boys!!! :)

Tyler is our Beautiful Healthy 4 year old.. he will start school this coming school year....He can carry on a conversation like an adult, and he doesn't meet strangers! He is such a blessing! and a very lovable child! Although he can be a bit michevious ..he is still a precious little boy!

Matthew is our Beautiful 2 year old.. He is Smart as can be.. He takes soo much after Tyler.. He loves his big brother and copies everything he does.. He also can talk very well although he is a bit shy around other people and doesn't like to talk to strangers!

Nathan is our Beautiful 1 year old .. He is more like our baby.. he is lovable and and sweet, he doesnt talk so much and he just started walking, he is just a little lover and he smiles all the time.. such a happy baby!

Ethan is our Beautiful 4 month old..He is such a delight.. he sits in his seat, he loves when you hold him , he is just all around a good baby!

Well thats all i have to say today.. just a little heads up on our family!!!

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